The media landscape has been transformed by the ongoing emergence of new platforms.

The ability to conduct commerce online is one of the best examples of the transformative nature of the Internet.

With advances in mobile and digital in-store technologies, innovations in supply chain and fulfillment, and the possibilities created through on-demand, on-site manufacturing, we are prepared for a new wave of change.

Meeting the demands of today's always-connected consumer requires us to not only conceive new types of commerce interactions, but often to rethink the design of businesses themselves.

  • Multi-Channel B2C Retail Systems
  • In-Store Applications
  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Direct to Consumer Platforms for Manufacturers
  • B2B E-Commerce & Marketplaces
  • App Stores & Mobile Marketplaces
  • Enterprise Integration

Design Cohesive Experiences

Experiences need to be unified across multiple channels, devices, locations and participants in one effortless and intuitive flow.

Anticipate Change

Agile, iterative approaches are increasingly a must-have in order to react in this ultra-competitive landscape. Platforms must be architected in flexible and loosely coupled designs in order to bring new features and new technologies to market quickly.

Apply Learnings Across Channels

Proven in-store best practices such as edited assortments, bundling of products and services or point-of-sale tactics can often be applied in new and innovative ways online. Similarly, digital thinking around search and navigation principles, the role of social media and community, and integration of rich content can lead to new types of in-store experiences.

Unite Content & Commerce

The blending of editorial content with transactional e-commerce capabilities is driving retailers, advertisers and publishers to develop content strategies that create a more effective path—from inspiration to purchase.

Product Data Is Key

With the adoption of endless aisle tactics, richer product data and consumer-generated content, the volume of data being handled in transactional platforms is growing exponentially. Multi-purpose data workflows that can aggregate multiple data sources and provide mechanisms for data enrichment are necessary.

Velocity Is Critical

Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to the speed and performance of digital products and services. As transactional platforms become increasingly large and complex, effectively managing performance is critical. The return on investment in improving the response times of these systems, by no more than milliseconds, is often higher than spending in any other area.