Digital Products & Services

New digital products have become central to the offerings of almost every successful business and brand. At the same time, the ubiquity of digital technologies has expanded the practice of service design and heightened its relevance across industries.

Waves of new digital products and services have changed the rhythm and structure of the consumer experience. It has become fragmented into a series of loosely controlled moments that may happen in-store, at a bus stop, or anywhere in between.

Fortunately, powerful new software tools enable us to orchestrate these discontinuous moments. We can stage them over time, make them context-relevant, and personalize the entire experience for every individual.

The result is a mutually beneficial relationship that spans the entire customer lifecycle, from trial to loyalty.

  • Multi-Channel Retail Services
  • Hospitality Services
  • Public Transit Services
  • Government Services
  • Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Advanced Television Systems
  • Public Mobile Information Systems
  • Connected Objects
  • Text Book & Curriculum Systems

Design for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Digital products and services have bridged the gaps that used to exist in long-term service experiences, effectively extending them to the lifetime of the customer relationship.

As part of the service design process, we choreograph functionality and content across a timeline stretching from pre-purchase to brand allegiance.

Plan for Customization & Personalization

Customization and personalization are foundational features of new, digitally enhanced service experiences. They make it possible to deliver individual experiences to large numbers of people.

They also introduce greater complexity into the design process. It’s important to define the capabilities of these underlying systems at the earliest stages of design.

Map the Product Ecosystem

Digital products are more viable when woven into the ecosystem of other products, services and platforms that comprise the broader service or brand experience.

Mapping the roles for, and relationships between, these components is an effective way to reveal dependencies and unique opportunities for a new product.

Embrace an Inter-Disciplinary Process

We bring together a diverse team of strategists, engineers, designers and subject matter experts to work collaboratively. They identify consumer insights and needs and product opportunities to develop product and service concepts, before designing, prototyping and testing them with users.