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Johnathan Tann


San Francisco, USA

For more than 20 years, Johnathan has been building leading companies with a focus on digital and mobile. His passion for design informs every aspect of the business and guides diverse teams in delivering relevant, engaging products and services for clients such as Sony, Apple, and SpaceX. Johnathan also has extensive merger and acquisition experience—successfully completing more than 30 transactions that have created immense value. Johnathan currently serves as an Advocate for The Design Authority.


  • Digital Business Modeling
  • | Mobile
  • | Multi-screen
  • | Service Design


  • Entertainment & Media
  • | Fashion / Beauty / Luxury
  • | Travel

Speaking engagements


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Systems and Methods for Multimedia Content Distribution and Playback United States 20070283237 - Filed

Systems and Methods for Managing Data on a Portable Storage Device United States 20070115149 - Filed

Universal Loader for Portable Electronic Devices - United States 2004172526