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Nurun launches PlaySmart, a new player education program

PlaySmart website The new PlaySmart website built for OLG in collaboration with FCB

March 2018

After years of concentrating their communication on at-risk gamblers, OLG’s Responsible Gambling (RG) unit has refocused its efforts to support and serve the entire OLG player base. This strategic shift meant going from helping players after problems develop, to assisting new, casual, and core players to maintain healthy play habits before problems begin.

Enter PlaySmart – a new player education program.

The program’s mission is to support positive and sustainable play habits for all players by educating them to understand gambling better and therefore have a more positive experience. PlaySmart teaches players at every touchpoint – from playing at casinos and events, to play in the digital space.

The cornerstone of PlaySmart’s education strategy is – a digital hub designed to teach players everything they need to know to have more fun playing. To support this, PlaySmart needed a new website and content strategy to reflect the new brand and approach. In collaboration with FCB, Nurun Toronto developed the new site that launched in March 2018.

With a focus on positive play and player education, PlaySmart’s new key objectives are:

  1. To be the “go-to” resource for gambling education by helping players learn everything about gambling. By having content designed to help them understand the games they play, and how they work, the desired result for players was to have a better, more satisfying playing experience.
  2. To build a sustainable player base by encouraging healthy, fun and safe play habits.
  3. To support category growth across all lines of business by creating content and tools for new and casual players. One of the most significant barriers to growing participation has been the knowledge gap and lack of understanding of game mechanics, odds and play strategies. But, by increasing awareness of all OLG games and educating players on how to play, it’s believed growth will follow.

Content Strategy takes a “player-first” approach with content that answers the most frequently searched questions and topics that players want to know. Rather than creating separate RG content, the site integrates useful “smart play” tips and messages throughout the web experience by seamlessly weaving them in.

The new site will continue to support at-risk players by educating them and their families about what problem gambling is, how to spot problem gambling behaviour and connecting players and families with helpful resources across the province of Ontario.

The goals of the new website user experience are to:

  • Make it simple, easy and intuitive by using content formats (visual, tools, etc.) that best match how best to understand the information.
  • Make it fun, engaging and interactive by turning dry “educational” content into something that’s fun and engaging, so players don’t know they’re learning.
  • Be there at the right time, right place and reaching players when they’re searching for information, by having content that’s based on the most frequently searched terms and is optimized for SEO to own the top search position in Google.

The following improvements were made to boost user experience:

  • Revamped Information Architecture to be game focused vs. brand focused.
  • Mobile-first approach to enable players to learn and access information when and where they need it most.
  • A new Social Hub for players to find PlaySmart and OLG news, game updates and other relevant content.
  • Add PlaySmart to the ecosystem, to better integrate it with all other OLG brands and lines of business.

PlaySmart will continue to evolve with other game content including ProLine and sports betting information. Plus, the plan is to add more tools to educate and engage players, to add ongoing content and UX optimizations driven by data insights and user behaviour to improve the site.

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