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Nurun Montreal is proud to announce the launch of the platform

Montreal, August 21, 2018 is the first Canadian social engagement platform showcasing citizen initiatives from all over the country.

Last year, Nurun chose to start giving back to the community by offering its expertise to organizations it cares about.’s story was a perfect match with this decision. Its three founders, Frédérique Gaudet, Samuel Noël and François Tremblay, aim to produce inspiring content in the form of a series of documentaries. The goal is to feature existing citizen initiatives in order to pay tribute to them and increase their visibility, but also to motivate people to take action within their own communities by providing them with the tools and support they need to do it. a unifying project

“Luminance strongly resonated with Nurun after we read the project’s documentation. That’s why we chose to invest in it by taking part, of course, in the production of the digital platform, but also in the very core of the project, its design and creation,” explains Sandra Salcioli Dirat, Nurun’s VP of Strategy and Experience Design.

The agency has been greatly involved since the beginning of the process, starting with a discovery phase that extended well beyond the digital aspect, even raising questions about certain ratified decisions in order to ensure that the project’s goals are reached, and especially that it will endure. Nurun also provided strategic support during the launch, as well as during the entire content creation period.

Two key insights emerged during this discovery phase and influenced the project. After watching a socially oriented documentary, people want to do something, but this desire rarely materializes because it seems complicated and they have no tools available for immediate action. People generally take it for granted that social involvement is demanding in terms of the time invested and steps to be taken. The directors kept these realities in mind as they travelled across the country in search of citizen initiatives to document in order to show what people are doing all across the country in a simple way, to inspire others to join in, whether alone or in a group.

Two dynamics of user experience

The platform’s challenge, from a user experience viewpoint, has been to bring together two dynamics: inspiring people through stories of social involvement and spurring them to action by offering multiple resources, all while keeping the video at the centre of the experience.

The user experience ended up with two facets. On the one hand, the platform’s passive side, which seeks to inspire its audience by presenting various projects that are being carried out, is highlighted right from the home page to catch users’ interest and inspire the public. On the other hand, the active side, which focuses on the start-up of initiatives, is made possible through a social involvement console implanted directly within the videos; viewers may thus react instantly to what they are watching in such a way as to encourage people to take action spontaneously and directly. Four options are available: like, share, participate and create. The result is a unique platform that combines different experiences borrowed from interfaces like YouTube, Kickstarter, Quora and Facebook.

This is only the beginning of the adventure for, which aspires to develop its activities internationally. What’s more, a new mobile application project has been submitted to the Canada Media Fund with the intention of broadcasting the platform’s content through other means while maintaining the goal of engaging citizens. One thing is certain: the project will evolve in the following months and years at the pace of citizen initiatives.

About Nurun:

Nurun is a global digital agency founded in Montreal in 1995. It comprises more than 4,000 collaborators in 15 countries in the world, with 240 in Canada and over 100 permanent employees in Montreal. It helps local, national and international clients combine technology with an understanding of consumer needs in order to design inventive products and services that are practical and adapted to a connected world. In September 2014, the agency joined Publicis Groupe, an innovative partner and creator of cutting-edge consumer experiences.

About Luminance:

Luminance is a social involvement platform that allows people to work together for the purpose of taking action and improving the society in which we live. It is a social network that broadcasts the most promising citizen initiatives and provides the means to participate and create new ones.

Sophie Piche

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