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L’Oréal Paris and Nurun Launch Updated Instant Beauty App

Instant Beauty M-commerce functionality lets consumers purchase any item from the L’Oréal Paris catalog.

Nurun France is now part of Razorfish Global.

Paris—June 25, 2013

L’Oréal Paris and Nurun have created a new version of the Instant Beauty iPhone app. With this m-commerce app, it has never been easier for consumers to quickly find the most suitable products and enjoy an optimal shopping experience, in-store or on their smartphones.

“Feel like buying mascara at 10 p.m.? Need advice in-store or just looking for new ideas?”

Today, more than 75% of consumers use their smartphones in-store to get advice, compare products and find additional information. Instant Beauty, the first m-commerce app from L’Oréal Paris, meets these needs and also includes special tools to help consumers make the right choices. With the Instant Beauty app, users can:

  • Buy all of the products in the L’Oréal Paris catalog
  • Be inspired by the latest looks
  • Find the bestsellers
  • Learn about makeup application, hair coloring and styling
  • Scan products for more information
  • Read reviews from other users
  • Touch-up their mascara at the last minute with the integrated mirror

Instant Beauty brings the experience of L’Oréal Paris’ e-commerce website to mobile. With more than 75% of French smartphone owners using their devices to make a purchase online, Instant Beauty has been specifically designed to provide a comfortable mobile browsing and purchasing experience.

The app also includes hair and makeup advice from L’Oréal Paris’ beauty experts, as well as how-to guides for achieving new looks. A fun and intuitive gateway to the product catalog, users can be guided by the Color Wheel or flip through various looks to discover and purchase the products that best suit their needs.

In-store, the Scan function makes decision-making easy by obtaining additional product information and user reviews.

Instant Beauty is the most popular L’Oréal Paris application. It is already used by more than 15,000 people and was voted the best Lifestyle application by Appsteur.

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