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It's finally HERE

Here East the first place of it's kind

After 18 months, we’ve turned one of London’s biggest building sites into a web site.

Here East - the new name for the former Olympic Broadcast and Press Centres - has been working with Poke for 18 months to help answer a question:

“How can you fill in excess of a million square feet of hyper-connected commercial space with vibrant businesses, world-class educators, progressive retailers and cultural curators to create a campus that champions creativity and innovation, creates thousands of jobs and fulfils the Olympic legacy promise.”

Together with branding and identity partner dn&co and architects Hawkins \ Brown, POKE have shaped the whole proposition for the campus, giving it a clear role and purpose in London’s creative community, and developed a plan of how to build towards that ambition.

We’ve just hit two important milestones; the first, the start of the re-development work to transform the site into this centre of innovation and enterprise for East London; the second, the beginning of a formal integrated lettings campaign to attract tenants to move in from summer 2015.

As a consequence we’ve launched a new site to give some more flesh to story and to enable the sales lead generation. It gives a snapshot of where we’ve got to so far but there’s a lot more to come, both digitally but also as concepts start to activate the physical site. The website is the first visible work that we can show off from the project since we launched the brand at SXSW in March.

Back in 2013, we identified the burgeoning community of ‘makers’ in East London and beyond - the folk who’d firmly grasped the opportunity to develop ‘IoT’ connected products, or were already using advanced prototyping tools like Arduino, 3D printers and cloud-based software engineering (and in some cases all of them together!) Working closely with partners dn&co, we developed a new brand to appeal to this community and placed a set of concepts at the heart to direct everything it did and said.

Here East aims to become the spiritual home of this new generation of modern makers - bringing together talent from the world of small creative and entrepreneurial start-ups and the large-scale established companies. It is deliberately positioned at the intersection between the two, and hopes to be a place of great knowledge and cultural exchange. Throw in a healthy dose of academia, a set of progressive retailers and a moderate sprinkling of artists and the recipe gets even more exciting. As a brand it has to work very hard to achieve these ambitions, and will be a brand judged on its acts and deeds.

So, ‘making’ is not just a marketing gimmick or trendy positioning, it runs deep in the DNA of Here East and touches everything that the brand says or does. In the near future, we hope products will be invented, created, marketed and funded from these premises, and that Here East will be recognised world over for its role in enabling the regeneration of industry

The site is already over 40% pre let. The Broadcast Centre is now home to BT Sport, who broadcast daily to millions. Loughborough University is opening its postgraduate University and research institute next summer alongside our beloved digital apprenticeship scheme from Hackney Community College.

And there’s much more to come. As we move into the Lettings campaign, and the first phase of the campus is completed next year, these pioneers will be joined by many others looking to create the companies and products of the future.


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