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Hydro-Québec Renews Partnership With Nurun

Hydro-Québec Nurun will oversee the development and implementation of Hydro-Québec’s residential and business websites.

Montreal—March 26, 2013

Following a November 2012 call for proposals, Hydro-Québec, a leader in hydroelectricity, has elected to renew its long-standing business relationship with Nurun. A human-centered design and technology consultancy, Nurun has been retained to handle the design and development of the corporation’s websites and applications. The agency is considered to be a trusted partner of Hydro-Québec and will guide the development and implementation of its digital strategy related to its residential and business sites. In parallel, the agreement with, the agency that currently handles Hydro-Québec’s corporate websites, has also been renewed.

“We are incredibly proud to be developing digital services for a major corporation like Hydro-Québec. Working together, we can continue to create dynamic online experiences that can adapt to changing consumer needs, expectations, and in particular, new multi-screen usage,” said Grégoire Baret, Nurun’s Executive Vice President in Montreal.

This decision allows Nurun to continue the work it began two years ago, developing the user experience and enhancing Hydro-Québec’s online service offerings for dedicated client spaces (residential, business, My Customer Space). Earlier this year, Nurun launched a new responsive version of the website, which adapts to all screens, from smartphone to computer, for both residential and business customers. “It was a Quebec first for a public website,” noted Baret.

This decision is an extension of an already established partnership between Nurun and Hydro-Québec, one based on trust and forward-looking work.

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