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AG2 Publicis Modem is Toyota's new Digital Agency in Brazil

Toyota Toyota, the 4th largest automaker in Brazil, is now part of AG2's client list.

São Paulo—26 February 2014

AG2 Publicis Modem, webnative agency of Publicis Group in Brazil, begins a new stage in its path. With over 10 years of experience in the automotive sector, AG2 wins the competition and announces Toyota as the agency´s newest client. Among more than 20 competing agencies, AG2 stood out and went through three phases determined by the automaker.

With the achievement, the agency begins to structure the service team who will get new hires starting in March, once the scope of work with Toyota fits the full service model. AG2 then becomes responsible for the digital actions of all the client´s areas, encompassing institutional, post-sales, social networks and products.

"AG2 Publicis Modem begins a new stage in its success story. It was a tough competition, which makes us even more proud of Toyota´s trust. We are rolling up the sleeves and starting assembling the team of this client, which will be one of the major advertisers in 2014”, celebrates Cesar Paz, AG2 Publicis Modem CEO.

The Toyota achievement corroborates the special moment of the agency. Last year, AG2 won two important competitions (Petrobras and Rio 2016), as well as the expansion of its operations at Vale, serving VLI (Vale Logistics) and Vale Foundation. "It is indeed a time of great success, and I see no precedent in the digital marketplace," says Paz.

About AG2 Publicis Modem

AG2 Publicis Modem is Publicis Group´s digital agency. It is part of Publicis Modem´s global operations in the world, which now have over 1,400 employees in Europe, North America and Asia. In Brazil, AG2 has over 14 years of experience, with around 200 employees in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul. The portfolio of clients has brands such as Bradesco, Natura, Toyota, Vale, Sanofi, Seb Group, Sabesp, Petrobras and Nestlé. The business of the agency is to do multichannel communication from platforms and interaction environments to enhance marketing strategies and sales organizations.

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