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AG2 Publicis Modem introduces Toyota's new Digital Platform

TOYOTA AG2 presents a new way for people to connect with Toyota cars.

São Paulo—26 September 2014

Five months of work dedicated to a digital revolution. It was with this motto that AG2 Publicis Modem, WebNative agency of Publicis Group in Brazil, faced almost an entire semester to present, in September, the new digital platform in Brazil for Toyota, the largest automaker in the world. The result is a complete redesign, which gives the car segment a different level of online presence, the website. The new Toyota portal enables the public to access a number of features, information and services that change the way they relate to the public in the digital environment. Besides the redesign of content and layout, the website´s design is fully responsive, meaning that it is tailored to each device that can access it.

The browsing experience was a special point of AG2 Publicis Modem dedication in developing the new platform. And the biggest news is a complete change in the way users get to know Toyota cars. AG2 Publicis Modem developed realistic prospect of the whole line of the company's cars, allowing visitors to view the interior of each vehicle at 360o. This approach also extends to "Assemble your Toyota" function, in which the client assembles the car according to their needs and see their choices in this realistic perspective.

"We know that the internet is a key tool in the process of buying a car, and we want consumers to have access to all the benefits of our products and services in a simple and interactive way," says Roger Armellini, General Manager of Marketing at Toyota. "To provide the best customer experience is our premise also at the online environment," added the executive.

Another innovation of the portal is the Toyota From People´s Perspective section, bringing together consumer reviews, news reports, evaluation of customer and details that Toyota provides for those interested to make a decision to purchase. It is a social hub that aggregates this content in any format.

"AG2 Publicis Modem can say, with absolute certainty, that this is one of the most complete and innovative projects that we delivered to one of our clients in these 15 years of history. We are honored to work for Toyota, and the client's trust and freedom motivated us even more to make this first stage of the work to be accomplished with excellence”, said Cesar Paz, AG2 Publicis Modem CEO.

Toyota also entrusted AG2 to complete reformulate the brand´s social network. Immediately, the agency launches, with the new portal, the repaginate versions of Toyota’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, being the last one the new hub of digital content about the brand. "The project does not end there. We will always have news at the platform and social networks, based on continuous improvement, which is a premise of Toyota”, concludes the General Manager of Marketing at Toyota.

About AG2 Publicis Modem

AG2 Publicis Modem is one of the pioneering digital agencies in Brazil. Celebrating 15 years in 2014, it is the webnative agency of Publicis Group. In Brazil, AG2 has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, with a client portfolio of brands such as BRF, Bradesco, Toyota, Natura, Vale, Petrobras and Seb Group.

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