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A new digital positioning for Domtar crafted by Nurun

Montreal, July 30, 2018, one of the largest producers of pulp, paper and personal care products, offers a completely new experience following its collaboration with Nurun.

Nurun accompanied Domtar in defining its digital vision during the redesign of its marketing ecosystem. The two main objectives of this new positioning were: highlight the values that distinguish Domtar from its competitors and attract new talent through a rebranding, with particular focus on the website. These elements were crucial to the company given the current transformation of its industry, one in which all competitors are trying to find a way to reinvent and distinguish themselves.

Make itself known to assert its know-how

Nurun began with a discovery phase to understand the needs of stakeholders and various audiences, and the context of the market. One key learning: all industry players differentiate themselves very little through their product offering. Instead, what distinguishes Domtar is brand history and operation, whether internally with employees and partners or externally through their products. Thus, Nurun identified that it was essential to tell a story through the different sections of the website and highlight the company’s value and expertise. Editorial approach also played an important role in the definition and creation of this experience.

Website architecture was completely redefined to structure information based on the research conducted and expectations and frustrations of different audiences. In addition, special emphasis was placed on Domtar’s reason for being (vision, mission, values) and know-how to further distinguish it from competitors. For this same reason, the digital ecosystem was streamlined by consolidating the company’s multiple independent sites under the same URL. The intention behind this was to offer partners a more consistent brand experience and establish a clear corporate image for various audiences. The technology used, Drupal 8, provided the flexibility to easily manage the concept of multi-sites.

Drupal 8: greater autonomy for internal teams

The redesign also had to meet organizational needs: “To answer the needs of North American and European markets, the tool had to allow foolproof flexibility for content management. Teams must have complete autonomy when creating new pages or updating information. In terms of technology, working process, training, etc., it was an interesting challenge to take on. All this while ensuring brand coherency throughout the interface,” explains Alix Verner, Group Account Director at Nurun. “The Paragraph module of Drupal 8 makes creating pages easier. The new version has been simplified and offers the ability to build pages the same way you would use Legos: by block,” notes Yannik Methot, Technical Director at Nurun. The partnership with Acquia facilitates the deployment and development of the platform while providing a client with shared hosting anywhere in the world under complete security.

Material design to highlight the tangibility of paper

The decision to use a streamlined design for the website interface was inspired by what is central to Domtar: paper. Nurun used material design to tell the history of the company and bring the brand to life through physical and tangible elements. For instance, navigation tabs were moved to the left to mimic the look of a summary in a magazine and subtitles are reminiscent of handwriting when a mouse scrolls over them. Reproducing the appearance of a magazine that can be flipped through was done to flawlessly integrate Domtar products and thus extend the brand’s identity through this communication channel.

About Nurun:

Nurun is a global digital agency established in Montreal in 1995. It is made up of over 4,000 collaborators in 15 countries, with 240 in Canada and more than 130 permanent employees in Montreal. Nurun helps local, national and international clients understand the needs of consumers and technologies to create ingenious, useful and relevant products and services for a connected world. In September 2014, the agency joined Publicis Groupe, an innovative partner and creator of experiences.

About Domtar:

Domtar is a leading supplier of a wide variety of fiber-based products, including communication, specialty and packaging papers, commercial pulp and absorbent hygiene products. With nearly 10,000 employees serving clients in over 50 countries, Domtar is driven by a desire to transform sustainable wood fiber into products that people can rely on every day. Annual sales are close to $5.2 billion and its common shares are listed on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. Domtar’s head office is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. For more information, visit:

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