With our help, QMI is transforming its various media services to thrive in the digital world.

A media giant is transforming its role within the digital sphere. Collaborating closely with Quebecor Media, we are evolving the organization’s media outlets across multiple channels: newspapers, television, music, books, publishing, communications, mobile, and gaming. With each digital product, service and system we create, we are changing and exceeding consumer expectations.



Sites launched in less than 12 months in 2012.


Digital revenue increase (2012).

20 M+

UV on QMI digital ecosystem/month.


New digital services created and launched in 2012.

Evolving Media Across Multiple Channels

01Transform the Way
We Read Newspapers

We are in the process of helping QMI evolve its business model to make newspapers relevant and accessible in the digital world. By enriching content with images and design, we are creating newspapers that offer an engaging and highly visual experience.

02Revolutionize the Way We Interact With Products & Services

In response to the dramatic shift in book and music consumption over the past few years, we are changing our business model to reach consumers digitally, with e-books, music downloads, music streaming, gaming and more.

03Change the Way We Experience Entertainment

Because consumers today use multiple devices while being entertained, and constantly move content from one screen to another, we crafted a solution to respond to their web, tablet and mobile device needs. We launched new mobile apps that display both free and paid content, establishing a go-to digital ecosystem that makes experiencing entertainment easier, more accessible and more social than ever.

“This new digital ecosystem is part of a major business transformation aimed at responding to a new business reality. By changing our company’s offer and position with the help of Nurun, we are now set for the future.”
- Pierre-Karl Péladeau, Président et chef de la direction de Québecor inc. et Québecor Média inc.

Building a Responsive Publishing Platform

Snackable Content & Modular Design

The new modular design of QMI newspapers responds to the way readers consume news today. By offering fresh, bite-size content, we help to attract and maintain a broad online readership. We also display this content alongside interactive indicators, large imagery and bold titles, making at-a-glance navigation easier and more appealing than ever.

Responsive Design Across Devices

Responsive design is an approach that allows us to build websites to fit any screen size. We used this approach to create mobile versions of more than 216 community newspapers at no cost. This gives consumers across Canada the opportunity to access news quickly and easily on their cellphones, tablets and desktops, and maintain an optimal viewing experience across all devices.

A Central Content Management System

QMI’s cutting-edge content management system has played a huge role in modernizing the company’s publishing platform. The system’s responsive front end allows up to 500 editors to publish their articles on one or more websites simultaneously.

Designing Newspapers for Business Needs

A New Economic Model

More and more news publications are charging regular readers a subscription fee to view their content online. We helped QMI adapt its economic model, making the switch from offering all free content to some added value content without alienating its customers. People are happy to pay for content that they feel is valuable, so QMI gives readers a taste of its paid content with sample articles, to showcase and legitimize the content while generating a solid source of income.

A Multi-Functional Paywall

We developed a sophisticated paywall system that serves multiple purposes. In addition to allowing product managers to set offers, promos and packages for each newspaper, the system also helps them monitor all online and offline subscribers from one centralized location.

Growing Retail Business Online

Over the past decade, all things news and entertainment have been moving slowly but surely from the physical to the digital world. QMI recognized the need to adapt to the changing market, and to establish and maintain a strong presence in the digital sphere.

To help them achieve their digital goals, we came up with a few key tools and techniques to help them transform their existing media assets and platforms to fit the changing consumer climate.

Develop an E-Commerce Platform

We created an e-commerce site for retail giant Archambault to sell and manage its diverse portfolio of products online, from books and CDs to video games and gifts. This not only boosted Archambault’s online presence and helped it reach a wider audience, but it also consolidated all of its products in one comprehensive and easily accessible destination.

Create an Online Music Store

After creating the e-commerce platform, we enriched Archambault’s offer by adding e-books and music downloads to the company’s online store. We also created a platform to allow users to stream unlimited music for a small monthly subscription fee.

Get on Board With Gaming

To embrace the fast-growing gaming industry, QMI acquired BlooBuzz, a brand new video game developer and publisher. We helped promote the brand internationally by bringing its flagship games, like Pyramid and Rising, into the digital era.

Our Process

The Anthropology Lab

We put consumers at the center of our thinking. Our anthropology lab team observed how customers typically interact with their device screens when consuming content. Based on the results, we built a multi-screen strategy to answer consumers’ mobility needs, while making the content they consume more accessible than ever.

Usability Testing

We set up a usability-testing center to test our digital ideas on actual consumers. This process helped us highlight the emerging trend of “news snacking” and led to us radically changing the way Sun Media displays its news online. Our new web design offers news at a glance, and fits all screens and devices.

A Performance-Enhancing Digital Tool

We designed the first-of-its-kind Digital MIDI dashboard, an exclusive web performance tool, to collect relevant data and display it on a user-friendly interface. It provides BlooBuzz developers, for example, with critical information about players’ gaming behavior, allowing them to continually improve game quality and boost ROI.

Looking Forward

The digital landscape has dramatically transformed content consumption. Every product, service, business model must be reinvented.
Jean-François Lavigne

Jean-François Lavigne

Director of User Experience

Disrupt the Status Quo

It’s not unusual for media companies to resist change. Making the shift from print to digital media, for example, can be a complex and costly transition. Our main accomplishment working with QMI was to show the company how important it is to challenge the status quo — not to wait for competitors to overtake you, but to stay ahead of the game when it comes to adapting and evolving to the ever-changing market. Our goal looking forward is to keep QMI in motion, to anticipate change and respond with efficiency and innovation, so the company can maintain its status as a true industry leader.

Create Self-Adaptive Content

Traditional news content is, by its very nature, static and editorial. Digital content, by contrast, needs to be constantly adapted according to user context and preferences. Online consumers expect content to be regularly updated throughout the day, so they don’t have to read or watch the same news story on their lunch break as they did at breakfast. They also expect their online news service provider to suggest articles that match their own unique interests — international news, sports, travel and so on.

By giving QMI the tools and insights to understand and adapt to the changing digital landscape, the company is now well equipped to deliver content that is up-to-date, relevant, and adaptable to consumer needs and expectations.