The first “anytime, anywhere” TV viewing experience.

The TV viewing experience has leapt forward in recent years, with Dish Network at the forefront. We helped Dish create the first “anytime, anywhere” entertainment platform that lets customers watch their favorite content, live or recorded, home or away, on an array of devices.


14 Million

Dish subscribers.

No. 1

CNET Best of CES Award, 2009.

200 HD Channels

Dish was the first to offer 200 national HD channels.

The Original “Anytime, Anywhere” TV Viewing Experience

Live and recorded TV—anytime, any place. When the Dish 922 launched, it was the first of its kind. We worked with Dish to create a unified experience across devices, based on the following principles.

01Deliver a
Seamless Experience

The Dish 922 takes everything on TV—live and recorded content—and delivers it to customers wherever they are, on smartphones, tablets or PCs. The experience is continuous across devices. Customers can record a show from a smartphone, watch it on a tablet, then subscribe to the full season from a laptop.

02Reimagine the
Program Guide

For a long time, program guides were unwieldy grids of channel listings, week after week. We helped Dish design meaningful guides based on content type and timeframe. Sports fans, cooking enthusiasts, and movie buffs can create streamlined, distilled views of their favorite shows to help them decide what to record and watch.

03Tune the Experience
to the Device

We designed a user experience that, while consistent, caters to the strengths of each device: desktop, tablet and mobile. The desktop interface takes advantage of precision pointers and denser information. Tablet and smartphone interfaces feature touch-friendly controls. Yet all rely on the same concepts and interaction models.

“We want to give the consumer whatever he wants, wherever he's at, and we'll use whatever technology's appropriate to do that.”
- Joseph Clayton, CEO, Dish Network

A Groundbreaking Combination

The Dish 922 combined three key functionalities for the first time—place-shifting, time-shifting and cross-device support. These offerings, fragmented in the past, came together to create a powerful new TV experience.

Tesla client looking at kiosk.


Dish’s multi-channel DVR lets customers record, manage and watch content whenever they want.

Tesla showroom.


The 922 set-top box distributes television programming to PCs, tablets and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Tesla sales team

Cross-Device Support

A single user experience extends across multiple devices, from smartphones to tablets to fully capable PCs.

A Smarter Remote

We helped Dish design a touch-screen remote and second-screen experience.

The touch remote brings the functionality we defined for PCs and mobile devices back into the living room. This full-featured, second-screen experience lets viewers explore and control the experience—they can browse channels, examine content and manage recordings directly from the remote.

CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award Honoree

Advancing Entertainment

Our ongoing relationship with Dish Network continues to shape the future of entertainment.

A Connected TV VOD System

We designed an interface for Internet-connected TVs that lets Dish customers watch live TV, recorded TV and on-demand programs. They can browse movies, stream TV series, even follow individual sports teams.

A Cloud-Based Live TV Service

We also partnered with Dish to design and prototype a cloud-based live TV service. This experience, which hasn’t yet launched, shifts the physical location of the tuner and utilizes a cloud DVR to give consumers the ability to watch live TV over the Internet.

We work closely with the Dish team to design and prototype entertainment services.

Process Details

Innovation Sprints

Innovation Sprints

Our relationship with Dish relied on close collaboration. We worked alongside the Dish team on a series of innovation sprints, bringing inter-disciplinary groups together in a focused setting.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

We built a series of rapid prototypes to help the Dish team visualize and evaluate competing concepts for the experience. They enabled us to move quickly and express complex ideas succinctly.

High-Fidelity Simulations

High-Fidelity Simulations

Simulations can be fundamental to product design. With Dish, we developed a series of high-fidelity video simulations that helped stakeholders evaluate the design and provide strategic direction.

Looking Forward

The multi-screen experiences pioneered by media companies have become central to the digital ecosystem of most businesses.
Sam Lind, Associate Director of Interaction Design

Albert Poon

Director of Interaction Design
San Francisco

As we saw with Dish, digital services are no longer limited to a single device—they exist across devices and contexts. This simple fact guides our work in a couple key ways.

"Anywhere, Anytime" Is Expected

With computing power and connectivity in their pockets, customers’ expectations of when and where they can interact with businesses and brands has changed.

Initial expectations of essential or basic information have grown to include the entirety of a company’s product and service offering. In other words, if they can interact with a business anywhere, they expect to do it everywhere, using whatever device they have on hand.

Designing the User Experience Demands Collaboration

Designing for these multi-device user experiences requires a deep collaboration between engineering and design teams. Delivering consistent user interfaces and functionality across an array of devices, each with it’s own capabilities and connection speeds, is no small feat.

In fact, it requires a huge premium of planning and resources. Product roadmaps must carefully reconcile expectations for the user experience with the technical requirements to get there, while also accounting for the simultaneous development of features for PC browsers, mobile browsers and native mobile operating systems.