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1675 Broadway
New York, NY
10019 (Map it)
TEL: 212 474 5000

Some may call NYC the center of the universe, and we wouldn’t disagree – at the crossroads of culture, commerce and style it’s no wonder that the city’s energy doesn’t let us sleep. Nurun is as connected and committed to consumer experience as we are to the pulse of our city.


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  • .@tim_armstrong: our Oath is "bringing the most exciting experiences to mobile" #vivatech

  • Daniel Zhang Alibaba: physical stores must be redefined for "online and offline at the same time" for shoppers with mobile devices #vivatech

  • Daniel Zhang: world's largest Ecommerce site Alibaba "is still small" "Only 15% of commerce in China is online" #vivatech

  • Daniel Zhang "Alibaba is a data company" "We are not a logistics company" #vivatech

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