The qualities we look for in others are the ones we aspire to ourselves. They shape how we think & what we make.

We Aspire to Greatness. 7 Rules to Work By. 7 Rules to Work By.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Inventor
Responsible for countless ideas, books, designs and inventions, Buckminster Fuller’s larger ambition was to apply science in ways that would benefit humanity.

Ferran Adrià, Chef
When El Bulli opened in Spain, Ferran Adrià changed the culinary world forever. His imaginative, deconstructed dishes create an experience where little is as it seems.

Dervla Murphy, Touring Cyclist
In 1963, Dervla Murphy traveled from Ireland to India by bicycle. She experienced more generosity, beauty and risk in a year than most do in a lifetime.

Atul Gawande, Surgeon & Journalist
Rethinking healthcare systems and practices, Atul Gawande explores how doctors can dramatically improve their results via simple measures — at times, with no more than a checklist.

Bill Cunningham, Photographer
For 50 years, storied photographer Bill Cunningham has captured fashion on the streets of New York City — every day, rain or shine. The majority of his photos are never published.

John Coltrane, Jazz Musician & Composer
An "avant-garde" improviser, John Coltrane thrived on collaboration and experimentation. The results extended and broke down conventions, creating something much more exciting.

Rodney Mullen, skateboarder
Throughout the ‘80s, Rodney Mullen pioneered tricks that would later define skateboarding. Flatground ollies, kick flips, heel flips — each skill created a foundation for more to come.

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